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APEX SL Vibration Control & Analysis System

APEX SL offers the latest technology in digital signal processing and shaker control algorithms providing real time vibration test control for random, sine, shock, SRS, random on random, multi-tone sine on random, TRAC (time replication acceleration control) vibration testing and transducer calibration, a well as extensive data acquisition and analysis. The modular software may be initially customized for specific applications or easily expanded in the future without performance penalties. It provides an abundance of comprehensive features that ensure simple, safe, accurate and reliable testing.

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Advanced Hardware

The APEX SL advanced architecture incorporates three Digital Signal Processorís from ADI. The versatile and proven SHARC and Blackfin processors are the industry standard for high performance and power efficiency. This powerful hardware set is used exclusively for control loop processing and host communication, assuring accurate real-time control and simultaneous data acquisition, while all graphics related processing is reserved for the host computerís Core i5 processor.


APEX SL Digital Signal Processing Hardware provides parallel 24 bit A/D input channels with sampling rates up to 102.4 kHz and anti-aliasing filters. Two 24 bit high fidelity output channel DACís are sampled simultaneously with the input channels and are combined with reconstruction filters for transient-free operation. Each input and output is combined with programmable scaling stages, providing typically 120 dB input dynamic range and less than 100 dB output distortion. A built in constant current source is included for voltage type (IEPE) accelerometers, a convenient feature that eliminates the need for separate signal conditioning instrumentation.

Test Library

An extensive library of APEX SL software modules is available with an unprecedented number of functions and features to satisfy basic testing needs, as well as, advanced applications, data acquisition, and specialized custom testing.


The APEX SL controller is available in 4, 8, 12, or 16 channel configurations. Expanding an existing 4, 8 or 12 channel system can be accomplished simply by adding the necessary DSP plug-in module to the Slim Line Controller Box. Modular software provides the flexibility to add test capability as test needs grow.

Safety & Security

Safety checks are provided in APEX SL software to protect against operation beyond shaker system limits and to prevent test initiation without proper control feedback. Password protection allows selectable security in terms of operator access to test modes, test data, and specific test setups.

Network Ready

Every APEX SL is configured with network-ready hardware for easy configuration and access with other APEX SL units, the network server and other network clients.

Factory Integrated

All APEX SL hardware and software is factory installed, fully integrated and tested to ensure quick and successful operation at the user site. An optional Calibration Kit is available for those customers that elect to calibrate the APEX SL on-site.

Test Library Software

  • Sine Control (Specs)
  • Random Control (Specs)
  • Classical Shock Control (Specs)
  • SMART Tool (Specs)
  • Sine on Random Control (SOR) (Specs)
  • Gunfire
  • Random on Random Control (ROR) (Specs)
  • SRS Shock Control (Specs)
  • Resonance Dwell Control (Specs)
  • Burst/Chirp Control Control (Specs)
  • Time Replication Acceleration Control (TRAC) (Specs)
  • Signal Analyzer/Transient Capture
  • Impact Pulse
  • Seismic Waveform Replication (Bellcore) (Specs)
  • Export Data Utility (Bitmap, JPEG, ASCII, UFF, SMS) (Info)
  • Import ASCII
  • Trigger Output
  • Remote Interface (Info)
  • Network Interface
  • Test Setup Data Manager (TSDM) (Info)
  • SA Command Link (Command / Status Amplifier Interface)
  • Remote Pendant
  • Word Report Generator (Info)