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Unholtz-Dickie is home to a variety of special applications including:

Vibration Time History Testing

Vibration time history data, (as featured in "Sound and Vibration" October 99 issue) measured in various field environments, has been available for many years. The challenge facing test engineers has always been how to replicate these measured environments in the lab on a vibration test shaker system. This report covers one possible solution to this requirement. Read More ›

High "G" Shock Testing

UD announces a new family of "high g" shock test systems featuring the Model S092-UX Shaker rated up to 1,500 g pulse output. Read More ›

Accelerated Reliability Test Results

Repetitive Shock (RS), also known as pneumatic hammer, and Electrodynamic (ED) vibration systems produce substantially different vibration conditions at the input point to the test article. These differences are most evident in terms of peak G level and spectrum content. Read More ›