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Slip Tables

Unholtz-Dickie offers three configurations for fully integrated slip table assemblies for vibration testing; the ST Series, HST Series and the CSTA Series. Horizontal slip tables are used for three-axis sequential testing (x, y, z axes) or used when it is necessary to maintain product positioning with respect to gravity.

ST Vibration Slip Table Assemblies

The ST Series base is comprised of thick steel plates with multiple supporting members providing a rigid and sturdy platform for most items during vibration testing. Read More › 

HST Vibration Testing Slip Table Assemblies

UD’s latest design offers a hybrid between full concrete base (CSTA) and standard Slip Table (ST) configurations. Featuring a highly damped, rigid reinforced base with permanent mechanical alignment and UD’s exclusive Integrated Guidance and Isolation System (IGIS). Read More › 

CSTA Vibration Testing Slip Table Assemblies

The CSTA Series provides additional bulk and rigidity using a concrete-filled base and is recommended for testing applications that include heavy payloads and large, low-frequency stroke requirements. A special trunnion gear assembly allows the vibration shaker to be easily rotated between vertical and horizontal orientation. Read More ›