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RCA-2TR Remote Charge Preamp

RCA-2TR preamplifierThe Model RCA-2TR is a two-wire Remote Charge Preamplifier. The RCA-2TR combines the advantage of a very low noise level with the convenience and simplicity of a conversion gain that is independent of normal input cable lengths. The very low output impedance of the RCA-2TR permits long cable runs without reduction in signal to noise ratio due to cable-generated noise, cable-pickup or cable-loading effects. The RCA-2TR is intended for operation with piezoelectric type transducers and receives its power from the 122P or other suitable constant current source.

In addition, the RCA-2TR is rated for continuous operation to 100 degrees C with minimal degradation in performance. For operation over this wide temperature range, a constant current power supply having a voltage capability of 30VDC nominal is required. Bias voltage readjustment is rarely necessary, even at the 100 degrees C extreme. The RCA-2TR is also radiation-resistant and has been used successfully in nuclear power plants.

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