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Apex Series Calibration Kit

The APEX Series Calibration Kit provides calibration personnel the capability to re-certify the calibration of the APEX SL or APEX PRO control systems in-house. A simple Windows based program and an RS232 digital interface to a Keithley multi-meter, goes through system checks and verifications and provides a detailed printed report of pass/fail, actual and expected values, and tolerances for each parameter checked.

A Certification of Calibration is automatically generated for NIST traceability. The Calibration Kit option is very cost effective and is offered in two configurations; Calibration Kit (including meter), which includes the software, Keithley 2600 Multi-meter, and all necessary interface and interconnecting cabling, and the Calibration Kit (not including meter) to be used with a customer supplied Keithley 2600 multi-meter.