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SA-Command Link

The APEX Series Controllers offer an optional RS232 Amplifier/Shaker interface and a software command/status panel to operate UD’s newly enhanced SA and SAI Series amplifier/shaker systems. The SA-Command Link provides identical functionality as the standard SA Amplifier front panel switch buttons, LED status indicators and current/voltage meters. In addition, it provides a Power Save selection to automatically power down the UD SAI Amplifier/Shaker system after a test has finished or aborted, and current / voltage limits can be set to abort the test for added system / specimen protection.  Now the complete UD test system can be initiated, monitored, and controlled from one convenient location.

Amplifier / Shaker Startup

  • System command functions:
    • Off
    • On
    • Ready
    • System Power
    • Operate
    • Amp Gain Up/Down
  • Single button startup
  • System fault resets
  • Automated “startup” from external input (i.e. temperature chamber) from the Apex Remote Interface
  • System mode indicators
  • Current/voltage limits

Power Save Mode

Automatically power down SA Series amplifier/shaker after a test has aborted or finished.

Amplifier Indicators

  • Overtemperature, peak current limit, voltage limit, CM fault, door interlocks
  • Output current & voltage meter
  • DC supply current & voltage meter
  • Amplifier gain indicator

Shaker Indicators

  • Overtemperature, current limit, overstroke
  • Field power, coolant, ST oil, heat exchanger faults