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K-Series Electrodynamic Shakers (highest force air cooled system)

K-Series high performance electrodynamic shaker systems offer 100% air cooling, 3 inch (76 mm) stroke, and feature an output force up to 18,000 pounds (80.1 kN). They are available with a 16 inch (445 mm) or 24 inch (654 mm) armature outer bolt circle, allowing a variety of package sizes and fixture configurations.

The K180 shakers contain a host of new, high-performance features and enhancements, including an upgraded armature suspension design. A dual in-line post bearing, and shear mount elements, provide increased structural integrity, and off-axis restraint allowing the K180 to meet the demands of today’s long stroke, low-frequency vibration tests.

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  • 18,000 lbf sine / 18,000 lbf random (80.1 kN) force rating
  • All air-cooled
  • Two armature sizes available:
    • K180-16CA: 17.5 inch (445 mm) diameter
    • K180-24C: 25.75 inch (654 mm) diameter
  • 230 "g" shock
  • 3 inch (76 mm) displacement
  • Automatic load support: 2,500 lbs (1,136 kg)
  • Three base configurations:
    • Low Profile (LP)
    • Pedestal Base (PB)
    • Horizontal Slip Table Assembly (ST, HST, CSTA)
  • Modular, high-efficiency 95 KVA class D power amplifier
  • Ultra-rugged, reliable Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Technology
  • Combined environment support
  • Optionally available “Quiet Mode”
  • APEX SL Control Systems
  • SA-Command Link APEX SL / amplifier remote interface

Air Cooled

All of the K-Series system configurations are totally air-cooled, an important feature that boosts reliability and reduces the cost of installation, operation and maintenance. Both the SAI Series power amplifier and the K180 electro-dynamic shaker are cooled by forced air. Quiet mode circuitry is available for Buzz, Squeak & Rattle applications.

3 inch (76 mm) Continuous Displacement

The K180 Series shakers are rated for 3 inch displacement, a requirement for many transportation vibration specifications and for long-duration shock pulse testing.

Internal Load Support

2,500 lbs (1,136 kg) internal pneumatic load support including automatic armature centering is provided standard on all K180 Series Shakers, allowing testing of a wide range of package sizes.

K170 shaker with head expanderHead Expanders

For applications involving large and heavy payloads, the K-Series shakers can be fitted with a variety of head expanders ranging in size from 24 x 24 inch (610 x 610 mm) to 48 x 48 inch (1,219 x 1,219 mm). Designed for 2,000 Hz operation, some of these head expander sizes are offered with integral linear bearings and additional pneumatic load support of up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg).  Many other expander sizes are available. Click here for more info

Combined Environment Testing

The K180 Series is very popular for applications requiring combined environment testing, specifically combinations involving temperature, humidity and vibration. All three base options support combined environment testing allow simple integration with chambers manufactured by all of the leading thermal chamber companies worldwide. Thermal barriers, an oil conditioning system for slip table, and remote system startup from an external contact closure are available.