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T-Series Electrodynamic Shakers - INDUCT-A-RING TECHNOLOGY!

T-Series high-performance electrodynamic shaker systems offer 2 inch (51 mm) and 3 inch (76 mm) stroke configurations, feature an output force rating up to 55,000 pounds (244 kN) and are supplied with SAI Series Class D Power Amplifiers. Designed to meet the high-level vibration and shock test requirements demanded by today’s aerospace, commercial, and military customers, T-Series Systems are the proven technical standard for combining extreme performance and system reliability.

Induct-A-Ring Technology

All T-Series shakers include the renowned Induct-A-Ring (IAR) armature, a revolutionary armature designed and introduced by UD in the early 1970's and periodically enhanced with extended performance into the 21st century. This unique solid metal armature provides mechanical durability benefits and extreme performance characteristics not possible with the traditional wound coil armatures offered by the other shaker manufacturers.

T-Series Shakers

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